My little family
Jan 5th, 2008 by alexfaye

Here we are on Christmas — Carlos, Maddy and me — and geez, when I see myself in a photo, I’m always surprised at how chubby I look. Happy though. This is a happy moment. I had fun teasing Carlos about his Miami Vice outfit. He has a pony tail, soft leather loafers with no socks…and his ever-present fanny pack…

I still haven’t figured out how to take good care of my father (and cook him the old-school foods he likes, like biscuits and gravy), how to take good care of myself (eat well [no biscuits and gravy!], exercise vigorously and frequently, sleep enough), and be a good teacher, a good coach, a good friend…and maybe read a book once in a while. What a paradox — that an English teacher has so little time to read! I did read a book over the holiday, though [Fledgling, Octavia Butler], and I watched some movies — in the theater: No Country for Old Men; on DVD: The Illusionist; The Painted Veil (a Ed Norton binge). And I took some naps, visited the Aquarium, and practiced my golf game. Moreover, I was sick for three days, so I laid around in a hazy stupor, which was weird. I haven’t been sick like that for a few years, and I tend to forget how completely illness can take over. And I worked on school stuff for a few days — so all in all, it was a good holiday. I would trade a week in summer for one more week now, though. Oh, yes I would.

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