Big Project #1
Jul 4th, 2009 by alexfaye

Here is what I am doing, and it seems like the right way to go about it, but who knows? I have little experience in these matters.

  1. Use high pressure setting on hose to wash down wooden patio furniture.  Use brush to get cobwebs, smog, and other smud off.  Let it dry.
  2. The pieces we are talking about are:  round table, four benches, adriondack chair and ottoman, chair, side table.  9 pieces.  Good grief!
  3. Snap “before” photo.
  4. Use the sander to smooth out rough spots.  I don’t think I want to try to go down to the bare wood!  But maybe I will have to.  Gosh, I hope not.
  5. Lay down a tarp to protect the bricks, and brush on the new Olympic redwood semi-transparent stain and wood sealer.  Let it dry.
  6. Evaluate.  Discuss.
  7. Snap “after” photo.

If this works, you know what’s going to be Big Project #2?  THE REDWOOD GARAGE DOOR.  It’s a mess, but it could, maybe, be beautiful again with a little work.  Then, after that? My kitchen hutch.  I’d like to sand the sealer off, get to the bare wood, and stain it green (I’d like the wood grain to show, and I saw both a green and a yellow stain that was attractive, that would work) and replace the white ceramic knobs with faceted glass knobs.  I’m sure I’ll be writing about this as I go along.  I’ve never been very handy, but I want to learn.

I’ll never forget when Carlos and I got that hutch at the unfinished furniture store when we were first married.  It seemed like such an adult purchase, and I do believe it was the first piece of new furniture I ever picked out and purchased — everything else had been inherited or scavanged.  We were living in that little one bedroom apartment on Ocean Blvd, and expecting Maddy.  I was enormous — feeling very unattractive and having a hard time getting around.  Carlos had agreed to brush a coat of sealant on the wood, although he confessed that he didn’t see the point, and was just doing it to humor me.  In Southern California, we often will have a bright, sunny day in the middle of January or February, so he hauled the thing out onto the patio, took his shirt off, and got to work.  About an hour later, he came in, all happy and sunny and brown and said to me, his big pregnant wife, “Boy! If I would have known that working on furniture would attract so many women, I would have been doing stuff like this all along! Man! I must have talked to a dozen different women in the last hour!”  Oh, Carlos.  Sweet, helpful, and sort of dumb about what his very pregnant wife would want to hear.  More than twenty years later, I look at that hutch and remember that afternoon.  Yep.  Time to refinish it.

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