OK, I admit I was wrong
Sep 7th, 2008 by alexfaye

I have changed my mind: I would NOT trade a week in summer for another week in winter, so suck it up, Winter Alex! Summer Alex wants more time…but she’s not going to get it…we’ve begun. It’s Fall Alex: head down and full speed ahead ahead. I’ve graded 39 notebooks and have 24 to go; I’ve scored 32 timed writes and have 31 to go; I’m really working already, and can’t figure out where my summer went.

Yet I’m sitting here on a Sunday, trying to design a Brave New world webquest for the AP kids based on one I’ve seen by Dana Huff — and then I started looking at the Creative Commons licensing site, which is extremely interesting; then I downloaded Zotero, a utility for keeping track of sources while conducting online research — also very cool. And now I’m looking at my blogs…how pitiful that I haven’t written since December! I need this online time. But it’s already 2:00 p.m. and I haven’t read the paper; I need to go to the gym or ride my bike, and I’d like to get a massage today, if at all possible. A little grocery shopping would be helpful too. Got all the laundry done yesterday, mopped and vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the kitchen.

What happened to Jim Furyk? He was leading when I came in here to work, and now he’s out of the equation in the BMW Championship?? I must leave to check golf scores. Have a nice day, Dear Reader.

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