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Jul 1st, 2009 by alexfaye

This one from the UK seems obvious:   Google is forcing us to change our habits.  This article dovetails beautifully with what my students are reading this summer in Neil Postman’s book, Amusing Ourselves to Death. [As an aside, we have a book club at my school, and this summer we are reading Postman’s The End of Education. I’m in the middle first chapter, and as always, I am finding Postman fascinating.  I will write about that book here as I make my way through it.]

And I’m on Twitter quite a bit this summer, chasing down trends in education and technology, so I found this interesting about professors using Twitter in the classroom. We are in the middle of what they call Convergence Culture — or what Alvin Toffler described in his book The Third Wave (1980) — when a new wave (of technology) comes in, previous waves don’t just leave or die out. They thrive on their own terms, and they interact, provide resistance, provide support to new waves…so as new technologies come online, the old ones do not disappear — nor should they! You won’t find me arguing for the Kindle over the book. You’ll find me wanting the Kindle AND the book.

I am someone with one foot firmly planted in both worlds. I am constantly pushing my colleagues and peers toward technology while advising my students to back off. Oh! Speaking of that…here’s another little something by Howard Rheingold about Crap Detecting — the all important skill for young people to develop. In a world with everything at one’s fingertips, what is real? What is useful? What is valuable? And what is — well…crap?

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