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June 30th, 2009 by alexfaye

I’m an expository reading and writing teacher (AP English Language/Composition and the CSU course) in a suburban high school, 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles, interested in technology and convergence culture.  I see 175 students per day, and come home wiped out.   Just took on the role of department chair at my high school, and am currently a college drop out.  The MA…she is on hold.  The money, the focus, the necessary UMMPH doesn’t seem to be here now.

I just want to do a good job in the classroom and do right by my students, read plentifully, and write every day — or as close to that as I can get.  Yoga.  Sleep.  Vigorous exercise.  I want to care for the blessings I have been given: a lovely daughter, a steady and gracious sister, my good and sturdy home, and my many beloved friends.  How did I get this lucky??

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