A Life To-Do
October 30th, 2010 by alexfaye
  • Like this list, life is in progress, and constantly subject to revision
  • Move the body
  • Show up
  • Pay attention
  • Try hard
  • Read poetry, especially Mary Oliver
  • Flirt with babies
  • Grow something
  • Keep your word
  • I think this young woman is on to something
  • Buy as much memory as you can afford
  • Apologize when you hurt somebody
  • If you have babies, give yourself over to them without reservation or regret
  • Love the world, all the particulars
  • Forget convenience
  • Keep it light and breezy on the outside, deep and thoughtful on the inside
  • Look your dog in the eye and say, Good Dog
  • Be delighted and grateful for what you are
  • Look at photographs of the universe
  • Peer into microscopes
  • Bend over and look at your toes often
  • Contemplate your form and symmetry
  • Count what you must count (blessings, dollars, calories); forget the rest
  • Forgive easily
  • Quit dragging your sins and mistakes around in a bag around your neck; you may stash that bag in a locker at a bus station in Barstow, and drive away
  • Write about it
  • Drop your change in open guitar cases on city sidewalks
  • Sing in the car
  • When love comes to you, be glad
  • Everyone’s alone sometimes; don’t fear solitude
  • Sit and be quiet and do nothing
  • Forgive yourself for not reaching your own impossible standards

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