Pie Five: Blueberry with cream cheese lattice top crust
February 14th, 2016 by alexfaye

blueberries, lemon zest, lemon juice and sugar


the lattice was woven on a cardboard circle


the pie, fresh from the oven

This is the fanciest pie I have made to date.  I am feeling strangely confident.

I went out yesterday and purchased a food scale for baking; working on Pie Five merits a reward of some kind.  I also looked at rolling pins and baking cloths too, but snapped out of it and realized that for today, I only needed a legit food scale; I brought one home and proceeded to measure out everything in grams.

I relied entirely on the Spring Issue of Lucky Peach for the recipe and the technique, and the pie came out far beyond my wildest expectations.  [There’s a bunch of pie wisdom (Dana Cree and others) in that issue that I intend to explore more fully.]  But it is dawning on me that if I am patient and if I actually try, I can make these things that I’ve always assumed were beyond me.  I am learning to be in the moment as I work, and to be patient — to not rush to the finish line in the last moment, but to take my time.  There’s a tendency that I have to throw my hands up somewhere in the middle of the process and rush to the end.  I don’t know what is behind this.

So I am psychoanalyzing myself as I bake, which is lovely way to come to wholeness.  I get to think about these things, and then eat pie.  This pie is delicious.

Maddy wants me to try to bake a pie she saw on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives that features blueberries, lemon, basil and goat cheese.  So yes, I’m going to find that pie, and bake it.

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